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 New Changelog

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PostSubject: Harlequin Changelog   New Changelog EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 2:59 pm

Since some of you are out of the loop, uninformed, or just curious as to know what goes on here at Harlequin, I have decided to start a log. I know the site does not get updated TOO regularly but I will try my best to keep this up to date but again, I have a life outside of RO. I devote all my spare time to Harlequin when possible, but I can only do so much in a certain amount of time. Do not expect this to be updated daily, rather be updated at a regular basis of every week. I will start with from when we opened Harlequin, up until current. Some may be left out due to memory, but I will list the most I can from the first week or so of Harlequin. If I have forgotten anything and you know I have told you it, let me know and I will add it into the list.

Do not expect exact dates (However, the week of when something was added will be shown and they will be listed in chronological order). Do not expect future notice of things. This is not a place to rant or suggest on any of the listed updates. Please take complaints, suggestions, and the like to the proper section, Suggestions category.

This is merely for informational purposes. A place to obtain knowledge on the server and what has been done. You may post questions about anything listed here if you need more information or are confused about it.

...---===<<<::: K E Y :::>>>===---...
WIP = Work In Progress
Complete = Finalized
Temp/Temporary = A temporary edit, check this line again in the future
Purple Italics = Changed recently, often found after Temporary tag is removed
Red = Warning, Urgent, Notice, Incomplete
Green = Finished, Ready for Use
Light Green = Key Point
Orange = Temporary, Time Line
JOB_SKILLNAME = Official Name of Skill listed in the line. (e.g. AL_HEAL)
ms & s = Milliseconds & Seconds. Used for delay/cooldown alterations.


  • Creation of Harlequin Ragnarok Online.
  • Rates set to 75x/75x/50x
  • Max level 3rd jobs raised to 150/90
  • Trans and baby classes left at 99/70
  • Endless Tower added. (Guide: Complete)
  • Pouring Catcher added. (Guide: Complete)
  • Stop the Clock added. (Guide: Complete)
  • Word Patience added. (Guide: Complete)
  • Vacuum Extreme fixed: Duration reduced to 5 seconds to match cooldown & animation.
  • Bowling Bash damage increased by 150%.
  • Pinpoint Attack fixed: Now spear exclusive skill to match description.
  • Severe Rainstorm changed: Now works with guitars and whips as well as bows.
  • 400+ custom items added into the server. Availability coming soon.
  • 4in1 npc added: Job Master, Rental, Platinum Skills, Reset.
  • Healer and Warper added.
  • 3-1 job shop added.
  • Coin Banker added.
  • Cluckers added. (Guide: Complete)
  • Coffin of Hats added. (Guide: Complete)
  • Wandering Crafter added. (Guide: WIP)
  • Wandering Magi added. (Guide: Complete)
  • Lost Kitten Girl added. (Guide: Complete)
  • Tarina added. (Guide: Complete)
  • Kafra Marketing Adviser added. (Guide: Complete)
  • Panquetzaliztli Fanatic added. (Guide: Complete)
  • Captain Lezaford added. (Guide: WIP)
  • Priest Doll quest added. (Guide: WIP)
  • Jasmine added. (Guide: WIP)
  • Drunk added.
  • Ethereal Aura added. (Guide: Complete)
  • Crazy Boris added in comodo casino.
  • Blackjack and Slot Machines added in comodo casino.
  • Yuri added. (Guide: WIP)
  • War of Emperium Controller added. Please check website for WoE times.
  • All Prontera castles open for WoE.
  • Salon area for stylist needs added.
  • Homunculi given double intimacy rates.
  • Monster spawn delay reduced by half.
  • Monster spawn count increased by 50%
  • Party Level Share range increased to 30 level range.
  • Party EXP Share increased to 100% to all players.
  • Max stat raised to 125.
  • Max status immunity increased to 150.
  • MVP Card Drop rate decreased to 10x.
  • 67 male hairstyles, 81 female hairstyles, 251 hair colors, 553 cloth palettes added.
  • Harlequin Tickets created to replace TCGs.
  • Jester Coins added to replace poring coins.
  • MVP Card Album created.
  • Harlequin Box created to give jester coins, harlequin tickets, db box, bb, ygg berry box, and mvp card album.
  • Character & Inventory wipe to mark the end of beta.
  • Beta Packs added and distributed.

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PostSubject: Re: New Changelog   New Changelog EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 3:32 pm

06-20-2010 -- 06-26-2010

  • Kafra NPC moved further north in prontera for easier save functions.
  • Announcement NPC added.
  • God Item Quests removed.
  • Upgraded to new client and server files.
  • 3rd jobs level increased to 200/90.
  • 3rd jobs babies added with matching levels.
  • Gunslinger, Star Gladiator, & Soul Linker level increased to 200/90
  • Trans jobs level increased to 150/70
  • Rates increased to 150x/150x.
  • Drop rate reduced to 25x by unanimous decision.
  • Bowling Bash reduced back down to default.
  • Sorcerer Skills nerfed.

    • Varetyr Spear reduced to 50% damage.
    • Psychic Wave reduced by 35% damage.
    • Fire and Electric walk reduced by 25% damage.
    • Diamond Dust reduced by 10% damage.
    • Earth Grave reduced by 50% damage.
    • Cloud Kill reduced by 20% damage.
    • Cloud Kill duration reduced.

  • Warlock Skills nerfed.

    • Comet reduced by 55% damage.
    • Crimson Rock reduced by 10% damage.
    • Jack Frost reduced by 20% damage.
    • Soul Expansion increased by 50% damage.

  • Folder Fix uploaded and available for download for any users with problems. Can be found in Technical Support section.
  • Identifier added to town.
  • Tool Dealer added to town.
  • Jester Coin Juggler added. Trade jester coins into harlequin tickets.
  • Harlequin Ticket Trader added. Now sells multiple customs.
  • Stop the Clock reworked to prevent GM play.
  • Cluckers reworked for a higher chance of winning.
  • Cluckers rewritten for a better GM control panel. Event Cancellation feature added.
  • Pouring Catcher rewritten for a better GM control panel. Event Cancellation feature reworked.
  • Bomber bomb poring script added into Pouring Catcher to make it more difficult.
  • Bomber reworked to simulate nuke instead of actually nuking.
  • Pouring Catcher reworked to prevent entrance until event starts.
  • Max stat raised to 150.
  • Instant cast dex raised to 180.
  • Control Panel taken down by host errors. Registration set to _M/_F method.
  • Patcher remade due to host problems.
  • Support Ticket NPC added in prontera.
  • MVPs and mini bosses taken out of guild dungeons temporarily. A bug with it's spawn needs fixed.
  • 70 new NPC sprites added.

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New Changelog Empty
PostSubject: Re: New Changelog   New Changelog EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 12:20 am

06-27-2010 -- 07-03-2010

  • Delays and Cooldowns reworked for all skills. Some lowered, some higher.
  • Tool Dealer added to town.
  • One-Click Identifier NPC added.
  • Fixed hairstyles 23-44.
  • Fixed hair dyes 1-20 for hairstyles above 23.
  • Hairstyles 1-4 fixed and ordered properly.
  • Implemented Trans WoE for Payon Castles. Sunday and Wednesday, same time as regular WoE.
  • WoE on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday is still FFA to all classes.
  • Salon area moved to a wider, open, and brighter map.
  • More customs added to Harlequin Ticket Trader.
  • Remade Harlequin Ticket Trader into shop format. Note: Any form of discount does NOT work on it. It LOOKS like it, but it does NOT work.
  • Vending Machine being added in. (Complete)
  • PvP Warper added with 5 different arenas.
  • @Duel commands taken out with implementation of PvP Warper.
  • No Chat or Vending on prontera streets added. Sidewalks are still available.
  • Lv 5 Blessing and Lv 5 Increase Agi added to Healer NPC.
  • Drunk Modified to steal 1000z instead of questing.
  • Zeny stolen by drunk reduced to 100z.
  • Cluckers remade for better chance of winning.
  • Build Swapper added in next to pouring catcher.
  • New host switch. Now hosting with a new company.
  • Remade patcher to comply with new host and setup.
  • Control Panel back up and operational.
  • Fixed server select bug of saying eAthena to Harlequin RO.
  • Added in player count feature to server select screen.
  • Changed the refiner to auto refiner. Please check out Hollengrhen for more details.
  • Sorcerer skill damage returned to default.
  • Warlock skill damage returned to default.
  • Comet is now banned from WoE.
  • Earth Strain is now banned from WoE.
  • Hard Gay Cap added to ticket trader.
  • MVP Card Album removed from Harlequin Boxes.
  • Harlequin Boxes now give a very small chance of giving rare headgears.
  • Harlequin Boxes now have a higher chance of smaller items.
  • Server time zone reset to EST. (GMT - 5)
  • Reduced Prontera Castles to Fadhgridh, Kriemhild, & Swanhild.
  • Payon Castles are restricted to Scarlet Palace & Holy Shadow.
  • Maya Purple spawn fixed in prontera guild dungeon. Spawn reduced to 2, spawn time equal to that of anthell spawn timer.
  • Folder Fix taken down for update/maintenance.
  • Folder Fix updated as of 07-02-2010.
  • Added Grand Peco Hairband to harlequin ticket trader. (Vit + 10, Max HP +5%)
  • Slot given to Grand Peco Hairband.
  • Triangle Shot delay/cd lowered to match double strafe. Still requires cast time.
  • Wandering Crafter: Phoenix Crown requirement clarified. Peco Peco Eggs -> Peco Peco Pet Eggs.
  • Chain Mail,Full Plate, and Imperial Shield defense typoes fixed.
  • Cornus Heal changed from NPC_ALLHEAL(Full Heal) -> AL_HEAL(Acolyte Heal).
  • Tendrilion Heal changed from NPC_ALLHEAL(Full Heal) -> AL_HEAL(Acolyte Heal).
  • Crusader Devotion level range increased to 30.
  • Jester Coin Juggler now exchanges coins for cellphones. (1 coin = 2 cellphone)
  • Fixed duplicate name in Wandering Crafter. Bone Dragon Helm -> Bone Dragon. (ID# 20093)
  • Frothy Beer[1] added to ticket trader. (Str + 5)
  • Black Corsair[1] added to ticket trader. (Str + 10)
  • Grand Peco Hairband[1] price increased. (5 hqt -> 9 hqt)

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PostSubject: Re: New Changelog   New Changelog EmptySun Jul 04, 2010 12:59 pm

07-04-2010 -- 07-10-2010

  • Moonlight Flower Card reworked to stack with other movement speed items.
  • Heal skill given a 10% bonus. (AL_HEAL)
  • Crazy Weed given a 2 second cooldown. (GN_CRAZYWEED)
  • Fixed Trans Only WoE to allow ONLY trans classes or lower.
  • Increase Homunculi max levels to 200.
  • New WoE Controller implemented with Castle Grounds warp function.
  • WoE Warper/Controller moved to west of @go 0.
  • Support Ticket NPC removed due to lack of usage at the time being.
  • Jupitel Thunder given a 3/4 second cooldown. (WZ_JUPITEL -> 750ms)
  • PvP Warper moved south where tool dealer was.
  • Zizi Invasion event added.
  • Meltdown chance to break reduced by 10%. (WS_MELTDOWN)
  • Koneko Hat price increased. 8 -> 11 tickets.
  • Multiple headgear fixes to enable/disable refining.
  • Red Mask equippable by All Classes now.
  • Panda Doll reworked. While equipped will have level 3 Concentration on. (LK_CONCENTRATION)
  • MVP Card Album added to Harlequin Ticket Trader for 90 tickets.
  • Harlequin Box added to Harlequin Ticket Trader for 45 tickets.
  • Status Immunity levels fixed. 125 -> 150
  • Castle Ownership has been wiped due to some bug abuse. WoE has been fixed to the fullest extent of my knowledge. Please don't forget to report bugs as soon as you find them!
  • Warning has been given to the Harlequin Ticket Trader. We do not issue refunds anymore!! Please read the NPCs message before buying.
  • Removed delay from Fire & Electric Walk. Given 3 second cooldowns. (SO_FIREWALK & SO_ELECTRICWALK)
  • Removed delay from Magnus Exorcism and given a 3 second cooldown. (PR_MAGNUS)
  • Reduced range on Severe Rainstorm to match animation. (WM_SEVERE_RAINSTORM; 11x11->6x6)
  • Jester Coin Juggler now gives 5 cellphones per coin. (2 phone -> 5 phone)
  • Added Vending Machine in Izlude. (Complete)
  • Added Trivia Event script in Prontera. (WIP)
  • Added hourly point script. The longer you play Harlequin RO and stay online the more Kafra Points you gain every hour. Won't work if vending or idle for longer than 30 minutes. (Point Shop: Complete)
  • Reduced cooldown on Severe Rainstorm to match animation. (5s -> 4s)
  • Increased walk length of Fire Walk & Electric Walk by 4 per level. (SO_FIREWALK & SO_ELECTRICWALK; 8:10:12:14:16 -> 12:14:16:18:20)
  • WoE Castle Ground warps moved to Warper.
  • Bandit Beard quest added. (Guide: WIP)
  • Lion Mask, Bird Nest, Fashion Hip Sack, & Sales Banner quest added. (Guide: WIP)
  • Increased drop rate of Alcohol(ID#970) from Black Mushroom(ID#1084). (12.5% -> 50%)
  • Increased drop rate of Alcohol(ID#970) from Red Mushroom(ID#1085). (12.5% -> 50%)
  • Increased Lude(ID#1509) spawn in Niflheim fields.(nif_field02; 20 -> 40)
  • Increased Verit(ID#1032) spawn in Pyramids 3rd Floor.(moc_pryd03; 40 -> 80)
  • Decreased Jupitel Thunder cooldown to 500ms. (WZ_JUPITEL; 750ms -> 500ms)
  • Replaced Acid Demonstration 1s delay with a 1s cooldown. (CR_ACIDDEMONSTRATION)
  • Increased range on Arrow Storm to it's proper 5x5. (RA_ARROWSTORM; 2x2 -> 5x5)
  • Changed hairstyles for females 25-55.
  • Fixed hair colors 1-9 for styles 1-23.
  • Updated some buff descriptions & item descriptions.
  • Doubled Gunslinger skill effects of Single Action. (GS_SINGLEACTION)
  • Doubled Archer skill effects of Owl's Eye. (AC_OWL)
  • Doubled Ranger skill effects of Research Trap. (RA_RESEARCHTRAP)
  • Buffed Cluckers. 1/30 chance -> 1/75 chance
  • Reworked White Beret. (ID#20039)
  • Updated server files and database.
  • Fixed a bug with character select missing slots.
  • Reduced cast time on Triangle Shot by 500ms. (SC_TRIANGLESHOT; 2s -> 1.5s)

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PostSubject: Re: New Changelog   New Changelog EmptySun Jul 11, 2010 10:03 pm

07-11-2010 -- 07-17-2010

  • Jester Coins added as a drop to all guild treasures. Get out there and fight for the castles!
  • Added cooldown on Cart Termination. (300ms; WS_CARTTERMINATION)
  • Buffed WoE Guardians.
  • Moved Prontera Flags around. Now feature castle warp function.
  • Doubled WoE Treasure spawn.
  • Alliance chat has been added to game. Now chat with guild allies with @ally or whisper "ally".
  • Reduced cast time on Crazy Weed. (GN_CRAZYWEED; 5s -> 2s)
  • Poem of Nethworld is now banned from WoE.
  • Added Payon Flags to prontera with warp function.
  • Reworked quest requirements for Rune Barrier. (ID#20254)
  • Reworked White Beret(Again). Updated description coming in next patch. (ID#20039)
  • Added guides for cluckers, pouring, stop the clock in the guides section.
  • Split guide section into two categories, user-made guides & harlequin guides.
  • Added Banker for small amounts of zeny below 1,000,000z. Next to Ring the Bell, east of PvP Warper. Anything higher should be transmuted into coins via the Coin Banker.
  • Added official Sunglasses[1] quest in. Guide can be found on the internet.
  • Fixed a glitch with mechanic skill Vulcan Arm required a pile bunker in inventory. (NC_VULCANARM)
  • Fixed a glitch with mechanic skill Arms Cannon. Only works with "Cannon Ball"(ID#18000) now. (NC_ARMSCANNON)
  • Removed the other cannon balls out of the 3-1 shop. (ID#18001, 18002, 18003, 18004)
  • Fixed a bug with the zeny required for bear ears[1](ID#20062). (3m -> 300k)
  • Decreased Sacrifice damage by 10%. (PA_SACRIFICE)
  • Decreased Sacrifice HP cost per hit by 1%. (PA_SACRIFICE)
  • Reduced delay on Sacrifice by 1s. (PA_SACRIFICE)
  • Reduced damage on Fire & Electric Walk by 15%. (SO_FIREWALK & SO_ELECTRICWALK)
  • Doubled max guild titles. (20 -> 40)
  • Increased Bloody Edge(ID#7024) drop chance from Executioner(ID#1205). (1.25% -> 3%)
  • First 3 rooms of PvP warper fixed for guilds & parties.
  • First 3 rooms of PvP warper changed to randomize warp location.
  • Increased Meteor Assault damage by 20%. (ASC_METEORASSAULT)
  • Increased Bowling Bash damage by 10%. (KN_BOWLING)
  • Increased cooldown on Crimson Fire Blossom. (NJ_KOUENKA; 700ms)
  • Increased cooldown on Lightning Spear of Ice. (NJ_HYOUSENSOU; 1000ms)
  • Increased cooldown on Wind Blade. (NJ_HUUJIN; 700ms)
  • Increased cooldown on Inspiration to match duration. (LG_INSPIRATION; 90s)
  • Increased cooldown on Prestige to match duration. (LG_PRESTIGE; 90s)
  • Increased cooldown on Cart Termination to 500ms. (WS_CARTTERMINATION; 300ms -> 500ms)
  • Increased damage on Cart Termination by 10%. (WS_CARTTERMINATION)
  • Increased Crimson Fire Blossom damage by 20%. (NJ_KOUENKA)
  • Increased Lightning Spear of Ice by 1 spike per level. (NJ_HYOUSENSOU)
  • Increased Wind Blade by 1 blade per level. (NJ_HUUJIN)
  • Added a guide for Tarina of izlude.
  • Added a guide for Coffin of Hats of niflheim.
  • Added effect for Blue Eyes(ID#20310). (All Stats + 1)
  • Reduced the effect for Ko Neko Hat(ID#20159). (All Stats + 5 -> +3)
  • Updated several items to match their defense descriptions.
  • Changed applicable jobs for Comfort of the Universe(ID#20247):
    • Swordman
    • Merchant
    • Knight
    • Blacksmith
    • Crusader
    • Alchemist

  • Added White Mask[1](ID#20276) to Wandering Magi.
  • Added Traveler's Hat[1](ID#20277) to Wandering Magi.
  • Added Wandering Soul quest. (Guide: Complete)
  • Doubled number of hits for Throw Kunai. (NJ_KUNAI; 3 -> 6)
  • Fixed a bug with Pretty Bow(ID#20023) quest.
  • Reduced Varetyr Spear damage by 10%. (SO_VARETYR)
  • Increased Earth Grave damage by 25%. (SO_EARTHGRAVE)
  • Reduced Cloud Kill duration to 10 seconds. (SO_CLOUDKILL)
  • Doubled Faith effects. (CR_TRUST)
  • Tripled Throwing Mastery effects. (NJ_TOBIDOUGU)
  • Increased Final Strike damage by 30%. (NJ_ISSEN)
  • Doubled Throw Fuuma Shuriken damage. (NJ_HUUMA)
  • Increased Gunslinger HP growth. (88 -> 90)
  • Increased Ninja HP growth. (80 -> 90)
  • Increased Guillotine Cross HP growth. (110 -> 120)
  • Doubled Double Strafe damage. (AC_DOUBLE)
  • Increased Triangle Shot damage by 40%. (SC_TRIANGLE)
  • Tripled Shadow Slash damage. (NJ_KIRIKAGE)
  • Reduced SP taken from Howl of Mandragora from 5% per level -> 3% per level. (GN_MANDRAGORA)
  • Increased Severe Rainstorm damage by 50%. (WM_SEVERERAINSTORM)
  • Increased cooldown on Cast-Off Cicada. (NJ_UTSUSEMI; 2.5s)
  • Reduced chance on Voice of Siren by 10% per level. (WM_VOICEOFSIREN)
  • Fixed a bug with Drooping Hylozoist(ID#20338) quest.
  • Increased requirements for Wandering Soul quest.
  • Doubled drops of Jester Coin(ID#20053) from WoE treasure chest.
  • Reduced Stat Immunity levels. (150 -> 125)
  • Reduced freezing chance on Jack Frost by 50%.(WL_JACKFROST)
  • Reduced damage range on Jack Frost by 2 cells.(WL_JACKFROST; 13 -> 11)
  • Increased Bowling Bash damage back to 50%. (KN_BOWLING; 10% -> 50%)
  • Reduced damage gain from Enchant Deadly Poison by 10%. (ASC_EDP)
  • Increased Emperium(ID#1288) HP. (68,430 -> 100,000)
  • Reduced Hundred Spear damage by 10%.(RK_HUNDREDSPEAR)
  • Removed Hudnred Spear cast time. (RK_HUNDREDSPEAR)
  • Reduced Hundred Spear delay. (RK_HUNDREDSPEAR; 500ms -> 100ms)
  • Increased Hundred Spear cooldown. (RK_HUNDREDSPEAR; 0ms -> 2000ms)
  • Fixed a bug with Psychic Wave dealing double damage. (SO_PSYCHICWAVE)
  • Increased DEX bonus from job level for Ranger. (+10 DEX)
  • Increased STR bonus from job level for Shadow Chaser. (+10 STR)
  • Increased INT bonus from job level for Warlock. (+5 INT)
  • Increased Severe Rainstorm damage. (WM_SEVERERAINSTORM; 50% -> 100%)
  • Reduced number of hits required to break Safety Wall. (MG_SAFETYWALL; hits=skilllvl+1 -> hits=skilllvl)
  • Banned Warg Bite from War of Emperium due to damaging Emperium. (RA_WUGBITE)
  • Quest Emily has been added. (Guide: WIP)
  • Quest Pirate has been added. (Guide: Complete)
  • Quest Mad Hatter has been added. (Guide: Complete)
  • Quest Poisoned Man has been added. (Guide: Complete)
  • Quest Snack Stand has been added. (Guide: WIP)
  • Changed number of hits for Hundred Spear for aesthetic feel. Does not increase damage!(RK_HUNDREDSPEAR; 5 -> 10)
  • Added delay to Yggdrasil Berries. (5 seconds) (Seeds to come)
  • Updated MVP Card Album(ID#20055) to include all MVP cards except Biolab MVPs.
  • Removed delay off Yggdrasil Berries due to bug. (Complete)
  • Increased cooldown on Dispell. (SA_DISPELL; 0 -> 2500ms)
  • Swapped cooldown for delay on Hundred Spear. (RK_HUNDREDSPEAR)
  • Removed cast time for Triangle Shot and given cooldown. (SC_TRIANGLE; 0ms -> 1s)
  • Reduced Triangle Shot cooldown. (SC_TRIANGLE; 1s -> 600ms)
  • Fixed a bug with duration for Prestige and Inspiration. (LG_INSPIRATION & LG_PRESTIGE)
  • Added Master Trainer NPC. Swaps your job for one ticket.
  • Fixed a bug with Masquerades for Shadow Chasers.
  • Reduced Cloud Kill damage by 10%. (SO_CLOUDKILL)
  • Increased Triangle Shot damage by 20%. (SC_TRIANGLE)
  • Reduced Severe Rainstorm damage by 25%. (WM_SEVERERAINSTORM)
  • Reduced Varetyr Spear damage by 10%. (SO_VARETYR)
  • Tripled Duple Light(Physical) damage. (AB_DUPLELIGHT_MELEE)
  • Increased Duple Light(Magical) damage by 50%. (AB_DUPLELIGHT_MAGIC)
  • Increased Heal by 10%. (AL_HEAL)
  • Reduced cooldown on Triangle Shot. (SC_TRIANGLE; 600ms -> 500ms)
  • Reduced delay on Assumptio by 500ms. (HP_ASSUMPTIO; 1500ms -> 1000ms)
  • Reduced delay on Magnificat by 1s. (PR_MAGNIFICAT; 2s -> 1s)
  • Assumptio given a 1 cell splash range to party members around target. (HP_ASSUMPTIO)
  • Doubled Mace Mastery effects. (PR_MACEMASTERY)
  • Doubled Axe Training effects. (NC_TRAININGAXE)
  • Returned Enchant Deadly Poison to default values. (ASC_EDP)
  • Increased damage on Cross Impact by 10%. (GC_CROSSIMPACT)
  • Reduced cooldown on Adoramus. (AB_ADORAMUS; 2000ms -> 1500ms)
  • Increased number of hits on Chain Action by 1. (GS_CHAINACTION)
  • Increased damage on Dust by 20%. (GS_DUST)
  • Increased damage on Desperado by 10%. (GS_DESPERADO)
  • Increased damage on Full Buster by 10%. (GS_FULLBUSTER)
  • Increased damage on Spread Attack by 30%. (GS_SPREADATTACK)
  • Doubled effects of Increase Accuracy. (GS_INCREASE)
  • Increased all damage with bows by 10%.
  • Doubled Double Strafe damage. (AC_DOUBLE)
  • Added Smelly Cat quest. (Guide: Complete)

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PostSubject: Re: New Changelog   New Changelog EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 1:29 am

07-18-2010 -- 07-24-2010

  • Fixed a bug with Chung E quest.
  • Updated several item descriptions.
  • Reduced level of Agi Up on Drooping Chung E(ID#20336). (lv 10 -> lv 6)
  • Fixed a bug with @mute.
  • Banned Backslide from WoE.
  • Reduced flee during WoE by 25%. (0% -> 25%)
  • Fixed a bug with party share.
  • Party share method set to default for now.
  • Party share range is now 40 levels.
  • Added Forest Girl quest. (Guide Complete)
  • Wiki page created for information on the server.
  • Added Dedication Shop for players to use their "hourly points". Located in Prontera, west of Ticket Trader.
  • Increased point gain from Hourly Points to 25 every hour, 100 every 12 hours.
  • Added two more guides to the wiki. Wiki can be found HERE
  • Added a small cooldown to Double Strafe. (AC_DOUBLE; 200ms)
  • Reduced cooldown on Triangle Shot. (SC_TRIANGLE; 500ms -> 300ms)
  • Fixed a bug with Forest Girl not working.
  • Fixed a bug with Smelly Cat not working.
  • Increased zeny requirements on Lost Kitten Girl and Wandering Magi.
  • Added 2 more guides to the wiki.
  • Release banned from WoE to prevent Comet & Earthstrain spam. (WL_RELEASE)
  • Reduced WoE Flee reduction by 5%. (25% -> 20%)
  • Reduced Magic Damage in WoE by 15%.
  • Reduced Physical Damage in WoE by 10%.
  • Remade Coin Banker into Zeny Swap Artist. Now offers zeny amounts as low as 1,000,000z.
  • Added custom item database to Wiki page. (WIP)
  • Increase party share level range to 60. (40 -> 60)
  • Fixed a bug with Shadow Slash. (NJ_KIRIKAGE)
  • Doubled damage for Misty Slash. (NJ_KASUMIKIRI)
  • Doubled damage for Throw Shuriken. (NJ_SYURIKEN)
  • Doubled damage for Throw Kunai. (NJ_KUNAI)
  • Removed splash off of Throw Fuuma Shuriken. (NJ_HUUMA)
  • Rewrote ring the bell into Test Your Strength. Moved next to Mad Hatter.
  • Test Your Strength now offers 10 different prizes, requires 250k zeny to play.
  • Increased Matk on Traveler's Hat(ID#20277). (2% -> 8%)
  • Increased cost on Goth Hairband(ID#20363). (5 hqt -> 8hqt)
  • Banned @ commands from WoE.
  • Increased Matk on White Mask(ID#20276). (1% -> 5%)
  • Increased Int on White Mask(ID#20276). (1 -> 2)
  • Reduced damage on Diamond Dust by 1/3. (SO_DIAMONDDUST)
  • Reduced damage on Varetyr Spear by 5%. (SO_VARETYRSPEAR)
  • Reduced damage on Earth Grave by 25%. (SO_EARTHGRAVE)
  • Reduced damage on Cloud Kill by 20%. (SO_CLOUD_KILL)
  • Increased cooldown on Poison Buster by 2s. (SO_POISONBUSTER; 2s -> 4s)
  • Increased cooldown on Triangle Shot by 300ms. (SC_TRIANGLESHOT; 300ms -> 600ms)
  • Decreased cast time on Boost Knuckle by 400ms. (NC_BOOSTARM; 500ms -> 100ms)
  • Increased cooldown on Boost Knuckle by 500ms. (NC_BOOSTARM; 0 -> 500ms)
  • Decreased duration on Masquerades to 3:6:9 seconds. (10:15:20 -> 3:6:9 seconds)
  • Halved duration on Full Strip. (ST_FULLSTRIP; 2min -> 1min)
  • Quadrupled Feint Bomb damage. (SC_FEINTBOMB)
  • Reduced damage on Dragon Breath by 10%. (RK_DRAGONBREATH)
  • Reduced damage on Sonic Wave by 10%. (RK_SONICWAVE)
  • Reduced damage on Hundred Spear by 10%. (RK_HUNDREDSPEAR)
  • Reduced damage on Ignition Break by 20%. (RK_IGNITIONBREAK)
  • Fixed a bug with Wind Cutter not being 2h-sword exclusive. (RK_WINDCUTTER)
  • Fixed a bug with Ignition Break not being a 2h-sword exclusive. (RK_IGNITIONBREAK)
  • Fixed a bug with Phantom Thrust not being a spear exclusive. (RK_PHANTOMTHRUST)
  • Returned damage on Cross Impact to default. (GC_CROSSIMPACT)
  • Increased cooldown on Acid Demonstration by 500ms. (CR_ACIDDEMONSTRATION; 1000ms -> 1500ms)
  • Halved spawns in Abbey 3. (abbey_03)
  • Halved spawns in Abyss 3. (abyss03)
  • Halved spawns in Biolabs 3. (lhz_dun03)
  • Fixed & Added a 5 second delay to Yggdrasil Berries(ID#607) & Seeds(ID#608). (Only applies for WoE)
  • Reduced hit count from Hundred Spear back to default. (RK_HUNDREDSPEAR; 10->5)
  • Fixed the Master Trainer to now give platinum skills upon changing jobs.
  • Replaced Endless Tower with now OFFICIAL ET. Requires 2 or more party members.
  • Halved cast time on Dragon Breath. (RK_DRAGONBREATH)
  • Reduced damage on Dragon Breath by 1/3. (RK_DRAGONBREATH)
  • Halved damage on Sonic Wave. (RK_SONICWAVE)
  • Raised Stat Immunity level back to 150. (125 -> 150)
  • Increased damage on Triangle Shot by 10%. (RK_TRIANGLESHOT)
  • Unbanned Earth Strain from War of Emperium. (WL_EARTHSTRAIN)
  • Reduced damage on Earth Strain by 25%. (WL_EARTHSTRAIN)
  • Reduced duration on Bragi/Magic Strings outside of the square. (WM_POEMBRAGI; 25s -> 5)
  • Swapped delay for cooldown on Jack Frost. (WL_JACKFROST;)
  • Increased dex on Devi Hat(ID#20033). ( 7 -> 8 )
  • Reduced required drops cards on Devi Hat quest.
  • Fixed invisibility to now only reduce by 1% per level. (SC_INVISIBILITY; 10% max -> 1% max)
  • Increased Emperium HP to 200,000. (ID#1288)
  • Halved Thor Dungeon 3 spawn count.
  • Implemented floating rates event. Randomize rates between 100/100/25x -> 150/150/35x, every day 18:00 - 20:00 server time.
  • Reduced experience rates to 100/100x. (150/150 -> 100/100)
  • Switched to WoE:SE castles and reduced down to two castles.
  • Moved WoE Times back to 20:00 - 21:00 server time.
  • Reduced max ASPD by 1. (193 -> 192)
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PostSubject: Re: New Changelog   New Changelog EmptySat Jul 24, 2010 11:46 pm

07-25-2010 -- 07-31-2010

  • Added in the Six Wise Men quests. (Guide: WIP)
  • Reworked Poem of Bragi delay reduction calculation to scale per level. (BA_POEMBRAGI; 5% per lvl)
  • Added day and night mode for the server. Invasion event soon to come.
  • Reduced Hundred Spear damage by 20%. (RK_HUNDREDSPEAR)
  • Reduced Future DJ Headset stats. (ID#20351; 8->2)
  • Increased vit on Majestic Orc Hero Helm. (ID#20226; 4 -> 10)
  • Increased prices on a few headgears in Ticket Trader.
  • Reduced prices on a few headgears in Ticket Trader.
  • Halved Earth Strain damage. (WL_EARTHSTRAIN)
  • Reduced damage on Chain Lightning by 25%. (WL_CHAINLIGHTNING)
  • Reduced delay on Chain Lightning to 1500ms. (WL_CHAINLIGHTNING)
  • Reduced damage on Comet by 25% against people. (WL_COMET)
  • Reduced Crimson Rock by 800% matk per level. (WL_CRIMSONROCK)
  • Fixed cast time on Pressure to 1.5s uninterrupted cast time. (PA_PRESSURE)
  • Reworked Tetra Vortex:
    • Interuptable cast time of 2 seconds.
    • Fixed cast time to not be affected by dex and bragi.
    • Still effected by Suffagrim and Sacrament.
    • One shot kill.

  • Fixed Six Wise Men quest. (Hopefully)
  • Increased Heal by 20%. (AL_HEAL)
  • Reworked Poem of Bragi's bonus delay reduction based on int. (BA_POEMBRAGI; 5% x skill level + Total INT / 10)
  • Removed ban off Comet from WoE. (WL_COMET)
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GM Sylph

GM Sylph

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PostSubject: New Changelog   New Changelog EmptyTue Aug 03, 2010 8:50 pm

08-01-2010 -- 08-07-2010

  • Bone Plate is now Thief Classes only, as it states. (ID#15000)
  • Adjusted DEF on Imperial Guard. (ID#2153; 6->12)
  • Banshee Master renamed to Scarlet Banshee.
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GM Waffles

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PostSubject: Re: New Changelog   New Changelog EmptySat Aug 14, 2010 8:21 pm

8/13/10 - 8/14/10

  • KoE added. Still needs a few more adjustments, but it has compiled!

  • New NPC: Baby Jobchanger! Allows a Novice with a job level of 10 to become a Baby Novice, and so forth.
    All 2nd and 3rd job classes for Baby available once proper job levels are reached!

  • Changed NPC sprite for Tool Dealer in Pront. Yay.

  • Vote Announcement script repaired; very... flamboyant...
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Aisaka Taiga

Aisaka Taiga

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PostSubject: Re: New Changelog   New Changelog EmptyMon Sep 13, 2010 10:47 am

08/30/10 - 09/13/10

  • Updated the Server files

  • Added the Sura Skills

  • Other Classes skill fixes. (All of the 3rd job classes)

  • KoE script fixed. (Members of the Defending Guild won't be able to attack the Emperium now.)

  • Updated Episode. (Ep. 13.3 El Dicastes and Ep. 14.1 Bifrost )

  • Added the Custom Main Town. ( Arleqin )

  • EXP Mod Started. ( 225/225/150/20 - Base exp/Job exp/Normal drops/MVP cards)

  • Posted a link for the NEW Installer. (HarlequinRO Installer v3.0)

"I dreamt that you were a dog. And the dog was my husband. Anyway, it was the worst dream ever."
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Aisaka Taiga

Aisaka Taiga

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PostSubject: Re: New Changelog   New Changelog EmptySun Sep 19, 2010 10:37 am

09/13/10 - 09/19/10

  • Added Sorcerer's Spirits. (Beta version - There are still some bugs)

  • Another server wipe. (I hope it will be the last too.)

  • Updated Server files

"I dreamt that you were a dog. And the dog was my husband. Anyway, it was the worst dream ever."
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New Changelog
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