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 Ryouki - Multiple Positions

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PostSubject: Ryouki - Multiple Positions   Ryouki - Multiple Positions EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 9:49 am

First of all i hope it's okay to insert my own resume, It has everything in your GM Application format and more Thanks =]

Full name
Lokeal Nami

Gender: Male.

Positions desired

  • Administrator. - Preferably
  • Co - Administrator. - Preferably
  • Developer. - Preferably
  • Scripter.
  • Event GM.
  • Support GM.

Contact information

  • MSN:learn-more@hotmail.co.uk

Languages spoken

  • English.

Age and/or Date of birth
Age: 18
Born: 13th Of August


White british

[/list]Hobbies and Interests

  • Boxing
  • American Football
  • Boxing
  • Ragnarok

  • Development
  • Deep Development in SQL
  • Custom Items
  • Friendlyness
  • Scripting
  • Support
  • Events
  • Many More.
  • I cooperate with other Staff members
  • Ability to provide support to all players
  • Ability to handle situations
  • Bot Hunting

  • MeltdownRO [Not Well Known 50 Peak] This server went down because the administrator had uni and said he could not deal with the stress.

  • VisionRO [70 Peak] Not the new VisionRO but there was an old VisionRO the server was hacked by a GM called GM Keiso

  • EnlightedRO [50 Peak] I quit this server because the GM's on the team where corrupt.

  • WenRO [300 And something It Peaked At] The Administrator shut down the server for no reason and gave us no notice.

  • RebirthRO [Over 2000+] Left because of the stress of my exams in college and the scams.

  • ZileGaming [210 Peak] Administrator randomly shut down.
  • TrinityRO [70 Peak] Was hacked.
  • ViceRO [300 Peak] ViceRO was a brilliant server but sadly i was fired from not being active enough because my internet broke down.
  • Some More.
    Will update later.
5-6 Days a week.
From 12am Till 12pm Maybe more.
Maybe More Maybe Less.
I am happy to do my work and i enjoy doing my work.


Camz - CrestRO Owner
Jerhia - Ipanema and ForbiddenRO Owner

At first for the first year of my Gm'ing i was just a basic scriptor and event GM but after a year i started moving on
practising developing on my own server what really got me into it a private server i played a few years ago i saw a highly developed
server and it made me think if i could do that it would be amazing my skills have now bypassed that level and i like
to call my self a trained developer allthough i was okay at client developing my server side developing was increasing
and i would say i am better trained at that position than any other. I like to be creative with developing none of
the basic easy developing things i try to create my own thing's sometime's they are influenced by other server's that i remember that have been shut down.
after all this i wish to be apart of your server and watch it grow.

Why do i want to GM:
I want to GM because i find it fun not just a job its a game that i like to play and i enjoy my work.
Hopefully i will be able to increase my skill's in developing by becoming a Developer on your server.
I love to see the server's grow after time of decent developing and decent Game master's Or administrators.

* Able to Script quests, events, fun activies, and more. : Yes.
* Being able to make at least 2 new scripts a month. : Yeah easilly done.
* Other than normal Events happening in the server ,GMs should be able to do Events which keep up the Excitments: Yeah not just normal events custom thought ones.
* Only experienced personals required: Experienced
* GMs should be matured enough to know and judge the Time gaps between two events: Yes, But depends on what rates max level population timezone etc.
* Should be a friendly GM should be able to Handle abusing situation in polite manner: Yeah im serious in serious situations though but other than that im all fun.
* Always try to be innovative in nature: I try to be.
* Should be able to Surprise people with variety of events: Depends how broad the imagination is of the players.

Ryouki CP :RykCP Making my own Custom Controll Panel. it Includes: [Inactive!]
-Character Ranking-
-Zeny Ranking-
-Pvp Ladder-
-Top MvP Killer-
-Player Of The Month-
-Vote For Credits-
-Guild Of The Month-
-Woe Castle Holdings-
-Woe Countdown-
-Server Information-
-Item Database-
-Skill Database-
-Map Database-
-Skill And Stat Simulators-
-Test Your Build And Skills And Equipment-
-Signature Maker-
And Many More.
All my projects are inactive and not moving any further untill i know for certain there is a server i can stick too.
My Other Projects i will add later i need to update.

Good Luck On Finding Your Staff Member Smile -GM Ryouki
Ps. Thanks for your time Smile

eA:Member since 2006 [Currently Forgot eAthena Username and password and my msn account got hacked so i had to make a new account last month.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryouki - Multiple Positions   Ryouki - Multiple Positions EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 11:06 am

This is me here.
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Ryouki - Multiple Positions
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