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 Enn - Event Coordinator GM/Community Enforcement/Forum Moderator

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Enn - Event Coordinator GM/Community Enforcement/Forum Moderator Empty
PostSubject: Enn - Event Coordinator GM/Community Enforcement/Forum Moderator   Enn - Event Coordinator GM/Community Enforcement/Forum Moderator EmptySat Aug 21, 2010 1:07 am

Position Desired:
* Event Coordinator
*Community Enforcement
*Forum Moderator/Global Mod

In-Game Name:
*If you see " Enn ", its me.

Forum Name:

Full Name:
*Joshua Deliguer


Dae of Birth:
*November 8, 1993


Time Zone:
*GMT + 8

*Weekdays = 3-5 Hours a day
*Weekends = 5-10 Hours

Previous RO experiences (Servers you've been on, how long, etc):
*KillingsSpree RO Hve been ther for 5 Months I left cause its a Corrupt Server
*To See Beyond RO 1 year
*Ive been in several servers i forgot the others.

Previous GMing experiences:
*KillingSpree RO = Event/Support/Ingame GM

Contact information:


Why do you want to be a GM?
*I wnt to be a GM because i like helping people. Meet new friends and love hosting Fun events. I also want to create a good, friendly community and make it grow.

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good GM?
*Im willing to be a "Dedicated" Game Master
*I enjoy helping others
*I got a lot of Patience in any task that an Admin gave to me
*I am not Biased and corrupt
*I always follow the rules

What will you be contributing to our team?
*I can invite more people to join this server
*To make the server more enjoyable and fun
*I have lots of idea to make this server grow

What languages other than English do you speak, if any?

Why should we hire you?
*I can make the server more fun by hosting fun events
*I have the attitude and mature enough to be a GM
*Cause im asian

What programming skills or other skills do you possess? (Members apply for Development or Technical Support positions ONLY.)
*Adobe Ps
*Sony Vegas (video editting)

Any other information you would like to share:
HAI! MAH NAME IS JOSH. You should hire me cause im asian,(jk) because i am a friendly person, easy to approach and like to meet new people. I am also creative and stuffs like creating and editing photos, video editting. I'll try to be a dedicated game master and always help people( currently downloading ur client). I put efforts in any task that an admin or Game master given to me and make them best. I haz lots of patience in every task and assignments i do and keep pursuing them even i fail many times. I also can invite people to play this server. I am fair and square in dealing with players, I AM NOT BIASED and treat players equally. As a game master, i will follow the rules, abide them cause thats game masters do, BE A ROLE MODEL TO PLAYERS. If i will be a Game master, my goal is to make the server more fun by hosting such fun events, balance, (means not corrupt) make it one of the biggest server in RO( i know its impossible, but maybe we can do it!)And try to make the server develop and fun to stay. Thats all <3
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Enn - Event Coordinator GM/Community Enforcement/Forum Moderator
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