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 Britt - Spriter [ FTW :) ]

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PostSubject: Britt - Spriter [ FTW :) ]   Britt - Spriter [ FTW :) ] EmptySat Aug 21, 2010 8:50 pm

Position Desired: Spriter Razz

In-Game Name: Melodious

Forum Name: Britt ( Lewl o .o" )

Full Name: Brittany Moore

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 9/25/91

Location: Texas ( Yarr Very Happy )

Time Zone: Central

Availability: Evenings xD ( But my main work is over time anyway, so.. xD? )

Previous RO experiences (Servers you've been on, how long, etc): Uhm, A LOT. Under a hundred, but over 40, easily. xD... The longest being at ForsakenRo for two years.

Previous GMing experiences: None really, I've only been "used" for spriting and recolors, due to the fact I was offered a GM spot, but was told to sprite before I got it, so they never gave it.. xD; in MoonlightRo and FunRo, that is. :0

Contact information: Messengers? That's personal though. PM for eet. :>

Reference(s): Moonlight, Fun, and Elemental, too. xD

Why do you want to be a GM? It's a bit selfish, but I'm tired of just being a player, I want to help out a bit more and feel more a part of the server's "family". ^^;

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good GM? I'm understanding and kind, don't get me wrong if you start a fight, I'll end it, but if you're not just trolling me I'm kewl. ;o And.. Well. I hear you need a spriter, and I'm you're gal for that. xD;.. I still need to work on animated sprites, but that wouldn't take me too long to nail down if I had to. Smile

What will you be contributing to our team? I'd contribute whatever needed, sprite-wise, any help needed with player issues in-game and a friend. Razz

What languages other than English do you speak, if any? None. XD; I'm so American, it's not even funny. x3 ( Don't laugh at me D: )

Why should we hire you? Well, I think that I'd be a great help with spriting and player support, but other than that it depends on your personal opinions on me. xD;;

What programming skills or other skills do you possess? (Members apply for Development or Technical Support positions ONLY.) Oh wow. Uhm. I can work a microwave? ( Lol ) But yeah, not much at the moment, I want to learn how to script, I just need a good teacher. xD;

Any other information you would like to share: Hm, well, it's only fair to warn you I'm corny and I like to laugh xD; I often come off as hyper, but I'm not, I'm just bored half the time. ( I need something to duu! xD ) Other then that, not much. :3

( Oh and! )

Refer-ees: Dan. xD;

( Sorry this was so long.. o .o I like things to be neat and easily read.. xD; )
Much Love,
Britt Razz

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GM Zazie
GM Zazie

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Britt - Spriter [ FTW :) ] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Britt - Spriter [ FTW :) ]   Britt - Spriter [ FTW :) ] EmptySun Aug 22, 2010 11:09 am

Please add me on Skype or MSN

Skype: riisa__ (two underscores)
MSN: Twinklinparadise@hotmail.com
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Britt - Spriter [ FTW :) ]
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