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 Mage job change quest~

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Mage job change quest~ Empty
PostSubject: Mage job change quest~   Mage job change quest~ EmptyWed Jun 16, 2010 6:47 am

This is ONLY for those players who like the quests and hard work before changing into a job class. I personally prefer this way to using the Job Master NPC. So, for the ones with the brave heart and courage to go on ans do a simple quest before changing into a Mage, I dedicate this guide.

As usual, the official stuff:
  • This guide is the ORIGINAL content produced by me. And is my Copyright. For those who do not understand what that means, I did NOT copy the content from any other place NOR can you copy mine to another.
  • I have been playing RO for the past few years and in all servers I've played so far, I've had Wizards. So, I know what I'm saying.
  • This guide is open to ALL criticisms and comments but do not flood my mail boxes with flames.

The Requirements:
If you are making a Mage->Wizard, please go through my guide on stats and skills before job changing. It will help both you and me. The basic requirements for the Mage job change is getting to job 10 as a novice.

The Test
Go to geffen. Type @go 2 in your chat box. The go to the building that is roughly in eleven 'o clock position of the city. Go inside and talk to the Mage Guildsman NPC in the center. She is the one standing above the mixing machine which is in the front.

Apply for the mage job change by choosing the option Sign Up. Then, she will give you a mixed solution number. WRITE THIS DOWN! This is the solution that you have to deliver to her finally to pass the test. Then, go to the Bookshelf to your right and click on it. Select the Solution number given to you. It will give a list of ingriedients needed to make the said solution. NOTE THESE DOWN too.

Mostly, the ingriedients include:
Jellopy (Dropped by Drops, Poring)
Fluff(Dropped by Fabres)
Milk(Buyable from vendor in Prontera near the Butcher south west of the city or drop of Picky)

Then, you need a solvent solution. There is one solution however, which does not need a solvent. If you get that, you are lucky. You have to purchase the solvent from vendors in appropriate Towns.

Morocc Solution: Vendor is near the pyramids in the map north west of Morocc town.
Payon Solution: Vendor is near the archer guild named Dollshoi in Payon archer village north of Payon.

Both vendors need an empty bottle(given by the mage guildsman herself) and 50 zeny. So sell your loot to an NPC.

Then you need a catalyst stone. This also has one exception. This stone is provided by the mixing machine itself. So, don't worry.

After you've collected all the ingriedients and bought the solution, click on the mixing machine in the middle of the room. Enter the ingriedients in the EXACT amount. And, select the appropriate solution, catalyst and enter teh magic serial code.

ALL THESE MUST BE DONE WITH EXTREME CAUTION. If not, you have to collect everything from the first again... After you've finished mixing and got the Unknown Soluton. Talk to the mage guildsmna NPC again to become a... WIZARD!

lol! Not yet! affraid

You'll become a MAGE... Congratulations on completing your first step towards Wizardry. I'll write a guide for Wizard Job Change soon enough.
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Mage job change quest~
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