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 Michael Moran [community enforcement GM]

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Michael Moran [community enforcement GM] Empty
PostSubject: Michael Moran [community enforcement GM]   Michael Moran [community enforcement GM] EmptyMon Jun 21, 2010 7:09 pm

Position Desired: Community Enforcement GM

In-Game Name: Kite

Forum Name: Kite

Full Name: Michael John Moran

Gender: M

Date of Birth: August 22, 1989

Location: United States , NY

Time Zone: EST (GMT -5)

Availability: My Work Schedule Differs by the week, but I work Mostly Fri, Sat, Sun from 8-6 (my time)

Previous RO experiences (Servers you've been on, how long, etc): Been playing RO since IRO beta, after they initially made us start paying, i stopped for a while, then started back up playing the Low rate RaiRO, then Zodiac RO after that, Then Avani RO then ARC RO

Previous GMing experiences: Enforcement GM for Zodiac RO

Contact information:
email/msn: hindsight21@hotmail.com
aim: sniperwolf82


Why do you want to be a GM?:
While playing on RaiRO, a guild spent a good 2 months Greifing and exploiting, and were quite overt about it before the GM team actually did something, even when the players from other guilds pointed it out. I believe that a GM should always listen to the players and investigate any complaints made, even if they turn out to be nothing.

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good GM?:
I have been playing RO for a looooooooong time, i know most of the ins and outs (player side) and i am quite easy to get along with. i can crack jokes with the rest of them, but still promptly switch gears and be serious at a moments notice.

What will you be contributing to our team?:
a fair sense of justice, as well as a friendly new face

What languages other than English do you speak, if any?:
a taaaaaad bit of spanish, and maybe 4 words of german......

Why should we hire you?:
I'm a friendly person who can laugh at anything, but i also take things very seriously. if punishment is actually required instead of just a warning, i will administer what is appropriate to the infraction

Any other information you would like to share:
I am almost always on XD......
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Michael Moran [community enforcement GM]
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