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 Tomeshi Kitabe - Event Coordinator/ Forum Moderator

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Tomeshi Kitabe - Event Coordinator/ Forum Moderator Empty
PostSubject: Tomeshi Kitabe - Event Coordinator/ Forum Moderator   Tomeshi Kitabe - Event Coordinator/ Forum Moderator EmptyWed Jun 23, 2010 2:26 am

Name: Tomeshi Kitabe (Not my real life name, but I would rather not have to give my real name unless i have to)
Position Desired: Event Coordinator/ Forum Moderator
In-Game Name: Song Tachibana
Forum Name: Tomeshi
Full Name: Tomeshi Kitabe (If you need my real name pm me plz, i'd rather not have to give it out for personal reasons)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: August 21, 1991
Location: California, United States (SoCal)
Time Zone: PST (GMT -6)
Availability: Um.. When im not in school? (Forumwise anytime, but RO wise is like week days only normally)
Previous RO experiences (Servers you've been on, how long, etc): Hmm... Lets see... Twilight Destiny (about 3 monthes), Balckout RO (off and on about 6 monthes), Niktout which is now Atomix i think (about 6 monthes, again off and on), Realm of Ragnarok (about 1 year, like until it closed, both time it closed.. =/), Some other various servers i server hopped..=/
Previous GMing experiences: None, with exception of several forum modertator positions i have had (mostly non related to RO forums)
Contact information: Um... Reply to this thread, pm me in game or on the forum, or email me at tmkotow@yahoo.com
Referees: As in references? Hmmm... Most of the people I would use as references for experience are hard ot get in contact with, but if nothing else, my friend Patrick (ign is Balistiks)...

Why do you want to be a GM?: To solve problems, to help people and the community, to further the growth and maintain the status of the server, and to understand the roles of leadership...

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good GM?: I am fairly balanced in almost every aspect, a jack of all trades if you will... I can see conversations from both angles and also try to keep a level head in times of utmost importance...

What will you be contributing to our team?: Whatever you need me to (I could put my cooking skills, but I fdont know any of you irl..=/)...

What languages other than English do you speak, if any?: Speak? none, but i can understand some languages based on the latin roots of the words ( I took a basic class in latin)

Why should we hire you?: Hmmm... Good question, maybe dont think of it as hiring, as that normally consists of payment, think of it of enlisting outside aid.. Smile

What programming skills or other skills do you possess? (Members apply for Development or Technical Support positions ONLY.): N/A

Any other information you would like to share:

Even if you dont pick me, I hope that you pick someone worthy of the position and who is as passionate and helpful as i would like to be...^_^
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Tomeshi Kitabe - Event Coordinator/ Forum Moderator
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