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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules EmptyThu Jun 10, 2010 12:55 am

Server Rules and Punishments

Updated June 10th, 2010

These rules will apply the moment you are in game. Absolutely NO exceptions will be made if you break any of the following rules.

GMs will punish the rule breaker accordingly.

  1. No botting, macros, or 3rd party programs.

    Punishment: This will lead to an immediate ban and any accounts with the same IP will also be banned. DO NOT BOT!

  2. Do not exploit bugs. Please report any bugs you find.

    Punishment: If a player is found exploiting a bug, depending on the situation a player may be jailed or even a ban.

  3. Respect all members of the server ( players and GMs ). Do not harass other players. You may not like everyone, or get along, but giving respect to them is not optional.

    Punishment: Players found using slurs towards others based on their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation will be muted, jailed, or possibly banned for repeat offenses. This rule also applies to excessive profanity, slandering, stalking, or sexually harassing other players.
    Note: Use common sense in regards to this rule. Players are expected to deal with arguments or petty insults in a mature manner, not by filing reports every time another player says something they don't like. The above rule was put in for cases of repeated harassment towards other players using slurs or vulgar language, and is not the same as when another player says you suck at RO. So please, keep things in perspective.

  4. Speak English. To play this server, everyone must understand and be able to write comprehensible English. If a GM addresses you, you must be able to understand, answer and comply. Those who have problems which English should put in an effort, but obviously we don't ask for perfection, simply a level high enough to allow communication. You may speak in any language in other chats (guild, party, etc), but main chat should be in English.

    Punishment: You will either be warned or muted. Repeated warnings will lead to being jailed or possible ban.

  5. No kill stealing.

    Punishment: KSing will NOT be allowed, and any players found breaking this rule will be jailed. Repeat offenders will face a possible permanent ban.
    Note: The above does not apply to town spawns, DB spawns, or MVPs as they are free for all.

  6. Do not spam in towns.

    Punishment: Players found chat or skill spamming in town will be muted at a GM's discretion. Repeat offenders may face jail time or temporary ban.

  7. Do not put up chats or vends in the middle of town.

    Punishment: Players may only put up chats and vends on the sides, and anyone found breaking this rule will be moved and warned. Repeat offenders will be muted 10 minutes for the first warning, with additional time being added to their mute duration for each additional warning.
    Note: The above rule also applies to any chat that is blocking an NPC from being used.

  8. Do not impersonate GMs or any other player on the server. That includes any variation of "GM" in your character's name, guild name, or guild title. GM impersonation is considered an attempt to scam players and will not be tollerated.

    Punishment: Players found attempting to impersonate a GM will be immediately banned. (GM impersonation is stupid, since GMs have GM sprites + GM tags, so do not impersonate!)

  9. Do not ask GMs for items or Zeny.

    Punishment: Players found asking GMs for items or Zeny will be warned or muted. If begging persists your character will be jailed.

  10. Do not ask to be a GM.

    Punishment: Server administrators will hand pick people to be GMs from applications. Players asking to be GMs will be warned, muted, or possibly jailed in cases of continued begging.

  11. No Advertising of other Servers.

    Punishment: Advertising another server is absolutely NOT allowed on any other server, and is definitely not allowed on HarlequinRO. Players found advertising another server will be immediately jailed, and possibly banned for repeat offences.

  12. Exploiting a Loophole.

    Punishment: No matter how clever you think you are, do not attempt to get around the rules, because you can't. GMs are allowed to punish all those who may have broken a rule, regardless of how they did it.

  13. Account Sharing.

    HarlequinRO holds no liability to help recover any accounts lost through account sharing, this includes but is not limited to:
    • Sharing of accounts.
    • Account details changed/hi-jacked.
    • Trades of accounts.
    • Selling of accounts.
    * Whenever trading outside the official trade agreements of in-game, you run the risk of losing/being scammed, we understand this can be frustrating, but this is a chance and risk you took yourself.

  14. Bug Exploit Policy

    Punishment: In the event a player is caught exploiting a bug, giving themselves (or them) an unfair advantage, HarlequinRO Staff reserves the right to either wipe or ban the account(s) involved, this includes EVERYTHING that is on the account if chosen to wipe. If you find a bug/or error that you KNOW is not suppose to be there report it, otherwise you may face possible punishments.

  15. Do not try to attempt to evade punishment (Ex: logging onto another character after having been muted, getting on another account while banned, or changing IPs to avoid an IP block). Be responsible for your actions.

  16. Players are not allowed difficult or obscure character names. Names such as '[]Illl[]lllI[]' will not be allowed. Names such as this make private communication between player and GM difficult.
    Punishment: Any player caught with difficult character names will be asked to delete said character immediately, if the player does not delete said character, a GM will delete it for them.

Remember, as a HarlequinRO Member, you automatically agree to follow all the rules and guidelines provided for you on this page once you enter game. Failure to follow these rules will result in proper punishment.

NOTE: Please be aware that these rules are subject to change at any given time, without warning.
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Server Rules
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